Office Extras

CargoBay offers a wide variety of discounts and services for our CargoBay members. If you have a storage unit, office, mailbox, or joined our membership, you are a CargoBay member.

Office Retail Center

If you run out of paper, envelopes, or markers CargoBay's retail store makes it fast and easy to get supplies and continue working.

Receive 10% every purchase with your membership

Business Center

Need copies made? CargoBay makes it easy. Give the front desk a 4-digit code and you can use the copy machine whenever you want, as much as you need. The printer keeps track of how many copies you make and will automatically show on your bill at the end of each month.

Black Copies .5 cents
Color Copies .25 cents

Fullfilment Center

Inventory Cages

Receive shipments while your away. Don't wait around for your packages to arrive. CargoBay's staff will place your items in your inventory cage when they arrive and you can pick them up when it's convenient for you. You will be notified by email, text message or voicemail that your package has arrived. Prices start at $25/month

Cyber Cafe

A place to work, relax or network with a cup of coffee.
Included with your membership

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Woman happy about our packing and moving supplies at CargoBay.

We help you grow your retail business as you expand your customer base by using our catalytic retail buiding tools and services.